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no words…

well,these days are very difficult for me personally…i m studing all the time….tommorow we give the lower,michigan….it is the easiest one but i am still very anixious and nervous…i hope we are going to get through it….i am studing all the year and i believe i will pass it…that is for now…after giving it i will inform us…..GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE…:-)


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another e-mail…

Subject:shopping in my country

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your e-mail.It was great to hear from you!I hope you and your dog are well!I am also very enthusiastic about you coming to my country!

Well,about the type og music,my favourite singers are Ioannidhs kai Xatzhgiannhs. The latest cd single came out 2 days ago..Go to,you will love it!

My favourite shops are Bershka and Zara.In Bershka the clothes are in fashion and there are no unflattering outfits.Whats more ,in Zara shops it is easy to personalise your clothes to suit your style.All the denim jean and tops are trendy and fashionable.Furtemore,there is a huge shopping mall and everything is under one roof.

I ve got og somewhere to go for lunch.The cuisine is traditional and there are extraordinary dishes.It is Mary’s kitchen.The deserts are delicious…I have heard some good reviews.I ve attached some photographs of James Blunt for you to look at my hotmail photos!

What would you prefer to bring me for Austraulia ?I guess a miniature koala or kangaroo.Tke a look at this site great!

I m looking forward to hearing from you soon.



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an e-mail…

to: Ben


subject:your new short film

Hi,Ben!What’s up?How is your pretty little dog?I hope he is good. Thanks for your letter.It is nice to hear from you…

You are going to make your own short film.Great!This is wonderful!You stand a chance of becoming a famous film director!You must be inspired.In my view you must read everything relevant about this event you can lay your hands on.I strongly believe that,the best month to come here is August.In summer,the weather conditions are perfect and you will  be able to make the film better.

An interesting and unsual place is the ”Park of the new shop”.Almost nobody goes there because this park isnot in the heart of the city,it is on the suburbs and people dpn’t go to the suburbs all the time.Generally the park is very attractive for the views.There is plenty of greenery and colourful flowers.It is the most suitable place for your new film!

By the way it would be a nice experience for me to show you around my town.I will learn more about this huge city.

Hope to hear from you soon.I have to go now.

Best wishes


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harry potter 3

A lot is expected of Harry Potter film and especially ”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”.Harry Potter a fifteen year old boy is the main character of the story who gets into adventures and must find the bad magician, who killed his family.

The effects in the  story are breath-taking, with a well-written plot during the story.With these effects people enter into an enchanted world.

The settings are dark and awesome.The acting is convincing and fantastic.The costumes of the actors are school uniforms and the colours are dark.Generally the directing is twisting. thrilling and imaginative.

To sum up ”Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”is a pleasant way to travel in the world of magic, of wands.Maybe this is the reason why the story was a huge success and profitable! I suggest to everyone see this film bacause they really travel in the world of magic!

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In my opinion,christmas(xmas) is the best celebration in the year! In xmas you can spend time with your family and generally,people who love…Moreover you have holidays and so you can study more and read books.Also the town is more glamurous than it is daily!Children wait theirs presents under the christmas tree at the first day of the year and this event make them happy and glad.Furthermore people exchange presents. In adittion and older people love christmas because they also have holidays and they can relax from the pressure of their job…On the other hand xmas for many people donnot mean anything bacause they must work…In my view, we must have more often holidays for relaxing and study more!( lots of students agree with me!!!!!!)

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friendship today!

Well,today i’m going to talk about friends! I chose this subject because i feel very disapointed with the friends i had had until now!!!!! I cannot trust on anyone!i feel so alone!When i thought i had the best friend,suddenly something  unexpected happened and our friendship destroyed!In my opinion,it is very difficult to find real friends nowadays…Plenty of people maybe agree with that!

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school nowadays!

Well,nowadays,every student  must study and to be a good student…People don’t understand that we aren’t robot!We are kids and we want to live,to play,to spend time with our friends,to make jokes…I don’t like that everyone wants us to be good students…That must change…Say no to robot students!

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