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a story :D

It was a cold winter evening.Tina was sitting in her chair next to the window, watching the cars in the road outside.

I knocked the door and it took her a lot of time to open it.When I said hello,she didn’t answer me. She just went back to her seat. She looked sad and lonely”. What’s going on?” I asked,but I didn’t get any answer.I went towards her. She had been my best friend for the last thirty years and I felt really worried seeing her  in such a bad mood.”I can’t remember the people in my life. I have forgotten the faces of my children! I feel so empty, because memories is all I had”. “Well you still have me” I said knowing exactly what I had to do.

I went in the room and I opened her old dusty box. It was full of old pictures. I took them and I put them in order, from the time she was a young girl , until last Christmas when her children came to visit her. I come downstairs, I sat next to her and I started explaining every picture one by one. As I was talking noticed that she looked happier. It was like watching her life in a film. By the time I had finished she was smiling. Everything was better now for one good reason. I had brought history to life for Tina in a really exciting way.



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To : Mr Smith

Subject : Problems with the sports club

Introduction: The purpose of this report is to inform you about the problems of the club.

What kind of problems? First of all there isn’t a wide range of sports available.An also important issue is that there isn’t enough space in the changing rooms.Also they are not healthy , because they are always dirty. Moreover,members do not meet enough and trainers are too old and are not suitable for children.

Recommendation: My suggestion is to ask children’s opinion in order to include more sports. Changing rooms should be renovated and cleaned properly. Organising an event would be a good idea for them to have fun.Finally you could find other trainers more skilled and interested in their job.

Conclusion: In my opinion,if these problems are resolved,the sport club will be improved and more members will join it.

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Recently,I started Theatre lessons and my life changed in a better way.  

When I feel sad or I have too many lessons to study,

the hours I spend acting help me relax and forget all those things that make me anxious.I think that everyone should find something that could make him happy,because life isn’t just school and studying 🙂

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my favourite band

My favourite band called  VOLT

VOLT took up in 2009

It has 5 members

Their names are Ada-Stergos-John-Johny and George

Ada and  Stergos are the lead singers of the group

John plays the keyboard,Johny plays  the electric guitar amd George plays the bass

They mainly sing covers from others famous rock bands!

I love them<3


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