another e-mail…

Subject:shopping in my country

Hi Laura,

Thanks for your e-mail.It was great to hear from you!I hope you and your dog are well!I am also very enthusiastic about you coming to my country!

Well,about the type og music,my favourite singers are Ioannidhs kai Xatzhgiannhs. The latest cd single came out 2 days ago..Go to,you will love it!

My favourite shops are Bershka and Zara.In Bershka the clothes are in fashion and there are no unflattering outfits.Whats more ,in Zara shops it is easy to personalise your clothes to suit your style.All the denim jean and tops are trendy and fashionable.Furtemore,there is a huge shopping mall and everything is under one roof.

I ve got og somewhere to go for lunch.The cuisine is traditional and there are extraordinary dishes.It is Mary’s kitchen.The deserts are delicious…I have heard some good reviews.I ve attached some photographs of James Blunt for you to look at my hotmail photos!

What would you prefer to bring me for Austraulia ?I guess a miniature koala or kangaroo.Tke a look at this site great!

I m looking forward to hearing from you soon.




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