a story :D

It was a cold winter evening.Tina was sitting in her chair next to the window, watching the cars in the road outside.

I knocked the door and it took her a lot of time to open it.When I said hello,she didn’t answer me. She just went back to her seat. She looked sad and lonely”. What’s going on?” I asked,but I didn’t get any answer.I went towards her. She had been my best friend for the last thirty years and I felt really worried seeing her  in such a bad mood.”I can’t remember the people in my life. I have forgotten the faces of my children! I feel so empty, because memories is all I had”. “Well you still have me” I said knowing exactly what I had to do.

I went in the room and I opened her old dusty box. It was full of old pictures. I took them and I put them in order, from the time she was a young girl , until last Christmas when her children came to visit her. I come downstairs, I sat next to her and I started explaining every picture one by one. As I was talking noticed that she looked happier. It was like watching her life in a film. By the time I had finished she was smiling. Everything was better now for one good reason. I had brought history to life for Tina in a really exciting way.



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3 responses to “a story :D

  1. Ooops, sorry! You need to adjust the post settings so as for your usernames to appear on each one’s post. Great work Danai, then! It was an enjoyable read that struck a cord with me, as my grandfather shows the same signs of forgetfulness…

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