an e-mail…

to: Ben


subject:your new short film

Hi,Ben!What’s up?How is your pretty little dog?I hope he is good. Thanks for your letter.It is nice to hear from you…

You are going to make your own short film.Great!This is wonderful!You stand a chance of becoming a famous film director!You must be inspired.In my view you must read everything relevant about this event you can lay your hands on.I strongly believe that,the best month to come here is August.In summer,the weather conditions are perfect and you will  be able to make the film better.

An interesting and unsual place is the ”Park of the new shop”.Almost nobody goes there because this park isnot in the heart of the city,it is on the suburbs and people dpn’t go to the suburbs all the time.Generally the park is very attractive for the views.There is plenty of greenery and colourful flowers.It is the most suitable place for your new film!

By the way it would be a nice experience for me to show you around my town.I will learn more about this huge city.

Hope to hear from you soon.I have to go now.

Best wishes



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