my favourite singer/music

My favourite music is pop music.Ilike listening pop music because music can relax me and with music you can express your feelings.My favourite singer is ANTONIS REMOS becauce he is one of the best singer in greece and his songs are fantastic.His concert in pagritio stadium 3 months ago was fantastic and he breaks the house down.he is from greece and he manage a team IRAKLIS.he has coperate with a lot of famous singers and he has a lot of conserts abroad.i would like in few years to see him in eurovision because i think he can won the compentition.



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2 responses to “my favourite singer/music

  1. helenbark8

    ok mpampi…antonhs remos is a good singer but the best are helen paparizoy and mixalis xatzhgiannhs…

  2. nickrem

    A good paragraph with many words and good vocabulary, just a few mistakes 8/10

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